Region 4 South Adult Mental Health Consortium offers a Pre-Petition Screening team in Grant, Stevens, Pope and Traverse Counties. The PPS provides independent clinical review to determine whether or not a referred consumer meets the criteria for commitment. The program is mandated to facilitate the commitment process by working with the patient, treatment community, County Attorney’s Office and family members. PPS works to divert individuals from commitment whenever possible by developing a less-restrictive alternative and ensuring the consumer receives the best quality of services and rights are being valued. Region 4 South’s PPS Team is made up of local providers from a variety of clinical fields and currently consists of employees from social services and public health, as well as a nurse practitioner, pharmacist, and a CD/Mental Health professional.

If you have general program questions, please feel free to contact our office at 320-335-5100. If you are referring a consumer for a PPS/Commitment, please contact Lakeland Mental Health Center in Glenwood at: 320-634-3446.